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With the Unique Property Reinvention Package we take marketing your properties to a whole new level. We take your client’s interior ‘as is’ and create visuals of ‘what it can be’ helping their potential buyers visualise the property’s potential. How does this help you sell more homes?



We help buyers visualise what your properties could look like with actual purchasable products and furniture.



We increase interest in your properties and reduce price negotiations, enabling you to sell your properties faster.


We provide the buyers with your reinvention in a box that is co-branded. Everything they need to re-create the affordable designs they fell in love with.


Make your buyers fall in love with a vision…

Grab the attention of your prospective buyer in those important first few seconds and appeal to buyers on line.
Create a great first impression to attract buyers through all means of social media.
Set yourself apart from other properties and encourage buyers to arrange a viewing!

How does it work?

We photograph any room with furniture or decor ready for us to place a new design overlay. We supply a ‘before’ and ‘after’ image so that potential buyers can clearly see what the current room looks like, and then what it could look like with an interior design makeover.

This allows you to up-sell your properties with the aid of design visuals. You can leave your unique “Reinvention in a Box” for your buyers that will allow them to bring the designs they fell in love with to life.



Our Estate Agent Packages…

Pay as you go

You can receive:

  • Rendered designs ordered on an ad-hoc basis
  • Designs produced for a single property


You will receive:

  • 5 Properties / 15 Renders
  • 5 beautifully presented co-branded boxes of your chosen render


You will receive:

  • 10 Properties / 30 Renders
  • 10 beautifully presented co-branded boxes of your chosen render


You will receive:

  •  20 Properties / 60 Renders
  • 15 beautifully presented co-branded boxes of your chosen render

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